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PR7000 Series: 0.4~400kW

Operation mode:Single Phase 220V 0.4-7.5kW ; Three phase 380-440V:5.5~280kW

Application area:

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PR7000 Series inverter is the best product that Prostar devote to its users, As a general series of top-guality, multifunction and noise PR7000 series inverter can meet your requirements for various applications upgraded for the purpose of general applications. This inverter opens

more than 130 function codes to users that can deduce much more operations and codes. By blocking design, the measure of torque elevation is strengthened, the system function is enriched and the anti-jamming capacity and maneuverability is improved too. PR7000 series of AC drives is a kind of high-quality multifunction, low-noise and large-torque general-type AC drives that can meet wide-ranging application.

Free Running and Keypad Control;

Analogue Control and Analogue Input Compensation;

Keypad and terminal digital speed Control;

Multi-speed Control (including multi-speed running, automatic circulating running, 8-stage speed running, compound speed control). And code timing speed control, PC or PLC speed control;

Jogging speed control, external analog signal speed control;

Definition for Definable terminals;

Stall Adjustment and Output with Restriction on Currents;

V/F control and voltage vector mode Output Torque Promotion;

Speed-drop Compensation;

Current Coefficient and Output Current Compensation;

Timing Control and the Token Output;

DC brake;

Special built-in PI adjuster for closed-loop control;

Controlled by keypad, 485 communication control box, PC and PLC, and 125 pieces of inverter can be operated at the same time;

Controller more than 200 function codes available port of external control by RS485;

Current and voltage stalling adjustment provided;

Standard Two-line type and three-line type of terminal control for more flexible manipulation;

RemarksStructure CodeExternal Dimension(AxBxH)Mounting Size(W x L)Mounting Bolt
Plastic HousingBO105 x 120 x 15094 x 139M4
B2125x 140x 170114x160M5
B3143 x 148x200132x187M5
B4162x 150x250145x233M5
B5200 x 160x300182x282M6
Metal HangingC1225 x 220 x 340160x322M6
C2230 x 225 x 380186x362M6
C3265 x 235 x 435235x412M6
C5360 x 265 x 555320x530M8
C6411 x 300 x 630370x600M10
C8560 x 326 x 1000390x970M12
C9400 x 385 x 1300280x1272M10
CA535 x 380 x 1330470x1300M10
Metal CabinetDO580x500x 1410410x300M16
D1600 x 500 x 1650400x300M16
D2660 x 500 x 1950450x300M16
D3800 x 600 x 2045520x340M16

Product List

RemarksModelApplicable Motor(kW)Rated output Current(A)Structure CodeCooling Mode
220V  Single-Phase Plastic HangingPR7000-0004S2G0.42.5B0Self-cooling
PR7000-0007S2G0.754.5B0Air Cooling
PR7000-0015S2G1.57B2Air Cooling
PR7000-0022S2G2.210B3Air Cooling
380V Three-Phase Plastic HangingPR7000-0007T3G0.752B2Air Cooling
PR7000-0015T3G1.514B2Air Cooling
PR7000-0022T3G2.26.5B2Air Cooling
PR7000-0037T3G3.78B4Air Cooling
PR7000-0040T3G49B4Air Cooling
PR7000-0055T3G5.512B5Air Cooling
PR7000-0075T3G7.517B5Air Cooling
380V Three-Phase Metal HangingPR7000-0110T3G1123C1Air Cooling
PR7000-0150T3G1532C2Air Cooling
PR7000-0185T3G18.538C3Air Cooling
PR7000-0220T3G2244C3Air Cooling
PR7000-0300T3G3060C4Air Cooling
PR7000-0370T3G3775C5Air Cooling
PR7000-0450T3G4590C5Air Cooling
PR7000-0550T3G55110C6Air Cooling
PR7000-0750T3G75150C6Air Cooling
PR7000-0900T3G90180C7Air Cooling
PR7000-1100T3G110220C7Air Cooling
PR7000-1320T3G132265C8Air Cooling
PR7000-1600T3G160320C8Air Cooling
PR7000-1800T3G180360C9Air Cooling
PR7000-2000T3G200400CAAir Cooling
PR7000-2200T3G220440CAAir Cooling
PR7000-1100T3G110220DOAir Cooling
PR7000-1320T3G132265D1Air Cooling
PR7000-1600T3G160320D1Air Cooling
PR7000-2000T3G200400D2Air Cooling
PR7000-2200T3G220440D2Air Cooling
PR7000-2500T3G250490D3Air Cooling
PR7000-2800T3G280550D3Air Cooling
PR7000-3150T3G315620D3Air Cooling
PR7000-3550T3G355700D3Air Cooling
PR7000-4000T3G400800D4Air Cooling

Performance Indexes

InputRated voltage rangeSingle-phase 220V±15%; Three-phase 380V±15%
Rated Frequency50Hz/60Hz
OutputRated voltageSingle-phase: 0-220V /Three-phase: 0-380V
Frequency range0.5Hz〜400Hz
V/F ControlControl modeLinear V/F control; space voltage vector random +PWM
Frequency ResolutionMax 0.01Hz, adjustment allowed
Torque PromotionTorque Promotion curve (V/F) can be set within 1-16;
Stall AdjustmentCurrent output is restricted, and threshold current can be   adjusted.
Overload Ability150% rated current, 1 minute
Operation   FunctionFrequency settingPotentiometer or external analog   signal (0 - 5V, 0 - 10V, 0 - 20mA); keypad (terminal) ▲ ,▼ keys, external   control logic and PLC setting.
Start / Stop ControlPassive-contact control or keypad control
Frequency Change Rate0.1 -3000S (time required for certain frequency change)
Protection functionInput out-phase, input   under-voltage, DC over-voltage, over-current, over-load, current stall,   over-heat, external disturbance
DisplayLED nixie tube showing present   output frequency, present rotate-speed (rpm), present output current, present   output voltage, present linear-velocity, types of faults, and parameters for   the system and operation; LED indicators showing the current working status   of inverter.
Environment ConditionsEquipment LocationFree of tangy caustic gases or dust
Environment Temperature-10℃-+50℃
Environment HumidityBelow 90% (no water-bead coagulation)
Vibration StrengthBelow 0.5g (acceleration)
Height above sea level1000m or below
Applicable Motor0.4-400KW

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