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PR-FC(Front Terminal Pb-Carbon) Series

Operation mode:Voltage class:12V ; Capacity range: 200Ah

Application area:solar, wind, PV/wind hybrid

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Excellent Charging Acceptance with High Charging Efficiency,Excellent PSoC Cycle Performance under High and Low Ambient Temperature,Punched continuous grid strip

1. Super-Fast Charging: From 0% to 90% SoC level in less than 1.5 hours

2. Long Deep Cycle Life

3. Wide Operating Temperature Range (-30℃ – +60℃ )

4. Doubled Shelf Life (2 years) with Low Self-discharging Rate

1. Renewable energy power(solar, wind, PV/wind hybrid) access to energy storage systems

2. Peak load shifting energy storage systems

3. Load tracking energy storage systems

4. Grid frequency adjustment energy storage systems

5. Smart grid, micro-grid systems, mobile container storage systems

6. Oil and electricity hybrid energy storage systems in the area without municipal electricty or with poor grid

7. Renewable energy communication base stations, core computer rooms, IDC that with peak load shifting functions

PR-FC(Front Terminal Pb-Carbon) Series(图1)

Rated   Voltage
Nominal CapacityCw.1.80V/cell
    Container Height
    Total Height
559±1mm (22.01 inches)
    125±1mm (4.92 inches)
    320±1mm (12.6 inches)
    320±1mm (12.6 inches)
Approx. Weight
57.6 Kg (127.0 lbs)
Container MaterialPC-ABS flame retardant jar and cover to UL94 V-0
Rated Capacity (25℃)200.0 Ah
    200.0 Ah
    132.9 Ah
(10hr, 19.0A,1.80V/cell)
    (8hr. 23.8A,1.75V/cell)
    (5hr, 33.4A,1.75V/cell)
    (3hr, 44.3A,1.75V/cell)
    (1hr, 101.8A,1.67V/cell)
Max. Discharge Current2280A
Internal Resistance (25℃)Approx. 3.0mQ(Fully charged)
Operating Temp.Range‘-40 - 65℃ (-40- 149°F)
Nominal Operating Temp. Range25±3℃ (77±5°F)
Max.Charging Current(25℃)Normal Charge 0.3C
Charge voltage(25℃)Float
    Temp. Coefficient
Effect of temp, to Capacity40℃ (104°F)
    25℃ (77°F)
    0℃ (32°F)
Self DischargePR-FC series   batteries can be stored up to 24 months at 25℃(77°F), For higher temperatures   the time interval will be shorter.
    Battery needs to be given a freshening charge when the OCV approach   2.10V/cell or when the maximum storage time is reached, whichever occurs   first.Storage temp, advised: 0 - 40℃

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