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PR6300 Series: 0.4~450kw

Operation mode:Single-phase/three-phase 220V-240V 0.4kW-2.2kW;Three-phase AC 340V-460V 0.75kW-450kW

Application area:

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The PR6300 series inverter is a high-reliability general-purpose inverter launched by Beijing Prostar International Electric Co.,Ltd. PR6300 supports three-phase AC asynchronous motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors. They support a variety of drive control technologies, such as the vector VF (VVF) control and speed sensorless vector control(SVC); speed output and torque output; and Wi-Fi access and background software debugging.

Support the mobile APP and Wi-Fi module to facilitate inverter debugging and monitoring;

Reliable operation with full load at 50°C ambient temperature;

Integration of special functions for rewinding and unwinding;

Support the high-frequency output up to 3000Hz for driving high-speed motors;

Support the 100kHz high-speed pulse input;

He metal substrate should adapt to the vibratory environment to reduce the induced voltage of the motor.

He built-in filter is close to Level C3, so the external

PR6300-0004S2GB PR6300-0007S2GB7565142132
PR6300-0015S2GB PR6300-0022S2GB9382172163
PR6300-0007T3GB PR6300-0015T3GB7565142132
PR6300-0022T3GB PR6300-0040T3GB9382172163
PR6300-0055T3GB PR6300-0075T3GB10998207196
PR6300-0110T3GB PR6300-0150T3GB136125250240
PR6300-0185T3GB PR6300-0220T3GB190175293280
PR6300-0300T3G PR6300-0300T3GB   PR6300-0370T3G PR6300-0370T3GB2452004544404202051562127.5
PR6300-0450T3G PR6300-0550T3G3002665245084802291742369
PR6300-0900T3G PR6300-1100T3G33528663060857031024731711
PR6300-1320T3G PR6300-1600T3G43033077074771031124831913
PR6300-2000T3G PR6300-2200T3G PR6300-2500T3G4413201025989942357
PR6300-2800T3G PR6300-3150T3G56045010241170.51100400
PR6300-3550T3G PR6300-4000T3G PR6300-4500T3G660443159715671504430375.5325.513

Item Specification
Reference power supply 10V/20mA
Terminal control power 24V/100mA
Digital input terminal 5-channel   digital multi-function input: XI to X5 X5 can be used as the high-speed pulse   input (max. l00kHZ).
Analog input terminal 2-channel analog inputs: One (All) voltage source: -10 to 10V   input; One channel (AI2): 0 to 10V input voltage or 0 to 20mA input current   optional;
Digital output terminal Multi-function output of one open collector and one relay   Maximum output current of the collector: 50mA; Relay contact capacity:   250VAC/3A or 30VDC/1A, EA-EC: normally open; EB-EC: normally closed
Analog output terminal One multi-function analog terminal output Ml: 0-10V/0-20mA   multi-function analog output terminal
LED display The   LED digital tube displays relevant information about
    the inverter.
Protective Function Short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase   loss, overload, overheat, load loss, external fault, etc.
Location Indoor, atari altitude of less than 1 km, free of dust,   corrosive gases and direct sunlight. When the altitude is higherthan 1km, it   is derated by 1% per 100m. The maximum allowable altitude is 3km.
Applicable environment -10℃ to +60℃, 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing). When the ambient   temperature exceeds 50℃, it needs to be derated by 3% per 1℃ temperature   rise. The maximum allowable ambient temperature is 60°C.
Vibration Less   than 0.5g
Storage environment -40℃~+70℃
Installation method Wall-mounted   or installed in the cabinet
Protection level Standard   IP20/IP21 (with plastic baffle)
Cooling method Forced   air cooling
Rated voltage of power
Three-phase 340V-10% to 460V+10%, Single-phase/three-phase   200V-10% to 240V+10%; 50-60Hz ± 5%; voltage unbalance rate: <3%
Maximum output voltage The   maximum output voltage is the same as the input
     power voltage.
Rated output current Continuous   output of 100% rated current
Maximum overload current 150% of heavy-duty rated current for 60s (185kW-450kW: 140% of   heavy-duty rated current for 60s) 120% of light-duty rated current for 60s
Driving mode V/F   control (VVF); speed sensorless vector control (SVC)
Input mode Frequency   (speed) input, torque input
Start and stop
    control mode
Keyboard,   control terminal (two-line control and three-line
     control), communication
Frequency control range 0.00〜600.00HZ/0.0   〜3000.0HZ
Input frequency resolution Digital input: O.OlHz/O.lHz Analog input: 0.1% of maximum   frequency
Speed control range 1:50   (VVF), 1:200 (SVC)
Speed control accuracy Rated   synchronous speed ± 0.2%
Acceleration and deceleration time 0.01   s to 600.00 s/0.1 s to 6,000.0 s /1 s to 60,000 s
Voltage/frequency characteristics Rated output voltage: 20% to 100%, adjustable Fundamental   frequency 1Hz to 600Hz/3000Hz, adjustable
Torque boost Fixed torque boost curve Any V/F curve is acceptable.
Starting torque 150%/lHz(VVF) 150%/0.25Hz(SVC)
Precision torque control ±5%   rated torque (SVC)
Self-adjustment of
    output voltage
When   the input voltage changes, the output voltage will
    basically remain unchanged.
Automatic current
Output   current is automatically limited to avoid frequent
     overcurrent trips.
DC braking Braking frequency: 0.01 to maximum frequency Braking time:   0〜30s Braking current: 0% to 100% of rated current
Signal input source Communication,   multi-speed, analog, etc.

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