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PR6800 Series:0.75~15kw

Operation mode:Single Phase: 0.75-2.2kW ; Three phase:0.75~15kW

Application area:

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Excellent current control capability, Ensure that the inverter doesn't trip during the process of fast acceleration.

The overexcitation function is automatically added in the deceleration process, deceleration time is shorter.

Strong over modulation capability, the output voltage is higher at the same input voltage.

Strong overload suppression capability, Ensure that the inverter does not stop due to overload fault at the maximum outpu. ting and dyeing, packaging, printing, pharmaceutical, food, reflow and production line etc.

Built-in industry-specific macro parameters, Support one-click setting of industry parameters;

Support external keyboard (LED keyboard);

Side by side installation, guide rail installation;

Support keyboard parameter copy.

PR6800 is a small size smart inverter product, It can be widely used in woodworking carving, glass edge grinding, food filling, medicine centrifuge, automatic production line, electronic equipment, logistics equipment and small automated mechanical equipment etc.

SpecificationWW1HHlDDIMounting hole  

Rated voltage/FrequencyThree-phase,380V-440Vac;50Hz/60Hz
Allowed voltage rangeSingle/three phase 220V(-15%)~240V(+10%) Three   phase380V(-15%)-440V(+10%);Voltage unbalance rate:<3%;Frequency:±5%
Rated voltage(V)0   〜inputvoltage
Overload capacity150%   rated current for 60s
Control modeV/F   mode
Range ofspeed regulation1:100
starting torque150%   rated torquewhen 0.5Hz
Speed control accuracy<±0.5%   rated synchronousspeed
Frequency accuracyDigital   set:max.frequency*±0.01%;
Frequency resolutionDigital   set:0.01Hz;Analogset: max.frequency*0.1%
Torque riseAuto   torque ascension manual torque ascension 0.1%-30.0%
V/F curveFourways:l kind of usersetV/Fcurveway3 kindsofdroptorque   characteristic curve way(2.0 times power,1.7times power, 1.2 times power
Acceleration/deceleration curveOne waysdine acceleration/deceleration four   acceleration/deceleration timewith the   unitoftime(minute/second)optionalmaxtimesetlO hours DC bra king start
DC brakingfrequency:0.00Hz~60.00Hz;braking
Joggingtime:。.0 〜60.0s; braking   current:0.0~150.0%
Multi-speed operatingJogfrequencyrangeD.10Hz-50.0Hz
Built-in PIDIt can be realized by interior-PLC or control terminal   Beconvenientto make closed-loop control system
Auto energy-saving runningAccordingto load condition,V/F curve can beoptimized   automaticallyto gettheaim of energy-saving running.
Auto energy adjustment(AVR)when the voltage of network changes,the output voltage can be   automatically kept constant
Auto current limitingDu ring the operation, the current is automatically limited to   prevent frequentflowtofaluttrip
Runningcommand channelOperation panel,control terminal and communication portcan be   switched through many ways
Frequency given channelDigial given, analog voltage given,analog current given,pulse   given communication port givencan be switched through many ways
Auxiliaryfrequency given channelRealize flexible auxiliary frequency fine-tu ring and frequency   combination operation
Pulseoutputterminal0-10kHz pulse square wave signal output,can realize output   setting frequency and output frequency ect.
Analog output terminal2waysanalogoutput.010v.0-20mAto getoutputof physical quantity   such as settingfrequency and outputfrequency
LEDdisplayIt can display settingfrequency,output frequency,output   voltage,output currentandsoon
Protection functionPhase-loss protection(optional),over current protection,over   voltage protection, undervoltage protection over heat pratectionoverload etc.
Service locationIndoor,not   suffer from sun,dust,corrosive gas,oilfog,
    steam and so on
AltitudeLess   th an 1000m (derating at higher than 1000m)
Environ merit temperature-10℃~+40℃(Derating   usein40℃~50C)
HumidityLess   than 90%RH, no condensation
VibrationLessthan   5.9m/s2(0.6g)
Sto ra ge te m p e ra t u re-40℃~+60℃
Protection classIP20
Cooling wayFroced   air cooling

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